Special Health Insurance Enrollment Periods Extended

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The Maryland Health Connection has extended the COVID-19 Special Enrollment Period to June 15 for uninsured Marylanders who need health coverage. In this crisis it is essential that uninsured Marylanders get coverage so that they can get the care they need -- for their safety, and for all of us.

Visit MarylandHealthConnection.gov or download the free “Enroll MHC” mobile app. Request or select “Coronavirus Emergency Special Enrollment Period.” Free help is available by calling 1-855-642-8572 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

The deadline has also been extended to July 15 for uninsured tax filers to take advantage of the Easy Enrollment Program by checking the box by on their state tax returns to find out their eligibility for free or low-cost health insurance. Already Marylanders from over 40,000 households have checked the box.