Maryland School for the Deaf Faculty and Staff Overwhelmingly Choose Collective Bargaining

It is rare to get 99% of people to do anything these days, unless it's unionization at the Maryland School for the Deaf. Last week, faculty and staff at the state facility voted 159-2 to unionize, authorizing the Maryland School for the Deaf Faculty and Staff Association, Local 4828 (MSDFSA) to serve as the exclusive bargaining agent for faculty and staff at the school. The huge and historic win comes after years of organizing. AFT-Maryland has supported the faculty and staff at the state institution for more than two decades. In the last few years however, efforts to codify collective bargaining have intensified, culminating in a collaborative effort between  AFT National, AFT-Maryland, and faculty and staff at the Maryland School for the Deaf that made up the organizing committee. 


Statement on the Michigan State shooting

AFT-Maryland stands in solidarity with Michigan State students, faculty and staff, and the entire East Lansing community. Once again our nation is left with the scars of a mass shooting killing three and injuring others at Michigan State University. Sadly, some Michigan State students who survived this tragedy are also survivors of other school shootings. It pains us to have to say other school shootings because some students survived the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, while others are survivors of the tragic school shooting at Oxford High School just outside of Detroit less than two years ago.  


Black History Month 2023

Our annual celebration of Black History Month calls on us to not only remember, but revisit. In remembering the past, the heroic and courageous actions by those who came before us, we must also revisit the mindset that led people to make decisions to sacrifice for future generations – sacrifices to bring us all closer to a more perfect union. In revisiting the people of years past, we can find the strategies necessary to continue fighting battles today. One of the most valuable things about Black History Month is that it chronicles the fight for justice. 

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President Biden Visits Baltimore

AFT-Maryland was present for President Joe Biden’s visit to Baltimore. Touting federal investment in the Baltimore-Potomac Tunnel, which will bear another tube that will be named for Frederick Douglass, President Biden addressed union workers, local and state dignitaries, and others. Among those in attendance were AFT-Maryland President Kenya Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer, LaBrina Hopkins, and City Union of Baltimore President Antoinette Ryan-Johnson. Each was there to show their support for this critical investment that would improve rail transit through Baltimore and provide approximately 20,000 union jobs.

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AFT-Maryland Lobby Night in Annapolis 2023

For the first time since January 2020, AFT-Maryland resumed our annual in-person Lobby Night in Annapolis. The event is an opportunity for members to speak directly to legislators who make decisions about their work environments. The state federation displayed its diversity in the wide range of public employees addressing legislators. Public employees from a number of sectors including K-12 education, healthcare, state and municipal civil service, and higher education all met with elected officials to advocate for policy that would improve their work experiences.

Among the public employees that were in attendance were...