If not unions, then what?

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You wouldn't know it from our nation's debate over Obamacare, but the U.S. has had government-supported health care for nearly 80 years. Not only that, but our nation bolsters a retirement level well beyond the thin safety net provided by Social Security, and it even ensures Americans a path to a family-supporting wage. And, no, I have not mistaken the U.S. for a socialist European nation.

Brenda Clayburn, Pres. of CUB

It with great sadness that we announce that Brenda Clayburn, President of the City Union of Baltimore (CUB) and member of the AFT Public Employees Program and Policy Council passed away over the weekend.
Brenda was a founding member of CUB and...

From the President: Victory and Sorrow

On November 6th, America witnessed an historic occurence. The re-election of President Barack Obama both shocked and elated not only America's voters, but people around the world. Prominent members of the Republican Party had announced that their first priority was to prevent the president from being re-elected.

In fact, it now has been revealed that certain governors and election officials consciously and deliberately conspired to suppress the Democratic turnout to prevent the president's victory. Right wing pundits confidently predicted the president's fall.

Retreat Focuses on New Strategies, Effectiveness

AFT-Maryland President Marietta English convened members of the AFT-Maryland leadership and staff for a special training retreat in October, at the Mount Washington Conference Center in Baltimore. The retreat was devoted to a review and analysis of the federation's operations, and the identification of specific strategies and practices capable of increasing the federation's efficiency and effectiveness.

The retreat placed special emphasis on four key areas: legislative and political power; organizing and mobilization, communications, and community engagement.

Helping teachers in Newtown

As the holidays end and we enter this new year, we are called upon to assist the community of Newtown, Conn. in its rebuilding efforts. This week, a coalition of education leaders joined in announcing the creation of a donation website, DonorsChoose.org/Newtown, dedicated to supporting the classroom efforts of teachers in Newtown. ...