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Politicians pressure Brown about ACA rollout

Many politicians are pressuring Anthony Brown about the rollout of the Affordable Care Act in Maryland. He testified on Tuesday, and democrats and republicans alike are calling for independent investigations as to what went wrong and if the governor/lieutenant governor should have known beforehand.

Read more in the Maryland Reporter.

1/15/14 Todd Reynolds, Political Coordinator

O'Malley favors raise in minimum wage

Governor 'Malley is in favor of the Raise Maryland plan to bump the minimum wage plan to $10.10, and have it indexed to inflation. If the bill can get out of committees, they might have enough votes in both the senate and the house to pass.

Read more in the Baltimore Sun.

1/15/16, Todd Reynolds, Political Coordinator

Governor Announces Budget

Governor O'Malley announced his budget on Wednesday, offering a sneak preview the night before to various news outlets ragarding the overview of his budget. No increase in taxes, and O'Malley hopes to eliminate the budget deficit by 2017. However, he is cryptic as to how the revenue matches up, saying that it will come from "savings" to the state employee health insurance plan and pension/retirement plan. Will those "savings" include cuts? O'Malley made it seem like it was form an overcalculation as to how much the state needed to contribute to those plans.