Financial workshop for local treasurers

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The locals of AFT-Maryland came together for a financial services workshop that was attended by many of the treasurers and leadership of the various locals of the state federation. The workshop was led by Kay Neipert, CPA, CFE, CICA from the AFT. During her presentation she advised those in attendance on best practices on everything from record keeping to internal controls and even communication of board minutes and duties of the officers.

There were many lessons those in attendance took away. Some information was familiar and well known such as having two signatures on the local bank accounts. Other information was a bit more specific. The presentation included the various types of insurances each local could get as well as instructions on accounting and procedures manuals.

The workshop also featured a few easy to answer questions so locals could know if they were in good standing. These questions were a checklist of important dates and assignments to be completed and turned in to the AFT national office.

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