AFT-Maryland Legislative Priorities for 2020

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Policies & Bills of Interest to Our Members

Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and Economy

Support the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and Economy. A better educated workforce means a better economy for all! The Blueprint is Maryland’s ONLY long-term plan to boost the economy, create jobs and make us more competitive.

Support Workers and Agencies in the State Budget

Maryland works because of its state employees. Whether keeping our waterways and roads safe, our drinking water clean, or working in state hospitals to help our citizens - state employees provide the vital services needed by Maryland residents. The people of Maryland pay for and deserve fully-staffed agencies and high-quality staff that provides them with the state services they expect.

Revenue Bills: Financially Support State Services and Education

To strengthen Maryland’s economy, it is vital to financially support State services and education.

Support Forensic Pay and Increased Security at Maryland State Hospitals

Increased security and pay are vital to ensure a safe work environment and high-quality staff needed to work with psychiatric patients in Maryland’s hospitals.

Prescription Drug Benefit Program for State Retirees

State employees who have worked years in service to the residents of Maryland deserve fair compensation when they retire. Their decision on when it is right for them to retire is based on a number of factors including the cost of prescription drugs. Changing their benefits is unfair and confusing for many individuals.

Hometown Heroes Income Tax Subtraction Modification

Reducing the age for eligibility for Hometown Heroes will help: Ensure a secure and dignified retirement; Recruit and retain correctional officers; and put money back into the state and local communities.

Support Wage Equity at State Hospital Centers

Pay equity between comparable positions will help to retain and recruit the necessary personnel to ensure a safe, secure, and less costly work environment at Maryland State Hospital Centers.

Restore Collective Bargaining Rights for BCCC Faculty

Faculty at Baltimore City Community College have a union, but have not had collective bargaining rights since 1993. It is time to restore the faculty's collective bargaining rights.