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Open Letter to Gov Hogan in Response to COVID-19

On Monday, April 6, 2020, AFT-Maryland sent this open letter to Gov. Larry Hogan regarding local and state public employees in the state of Maryland.

AFT-Maryland is a federation of public employees that represents nearly 20,000 workers across the state of Maryland. Our members work in the fields of education, public safety, healthcare and more.

For follow-up or interviews with any local union leaders of AFT-Maryland please contact: Ray Baker, Director of Communication, AFT-Maryland, rbaker@aftmd.org.


AFT-Maryland 2020 Legislative Report

For the first time since the Civil War, the Maryland Legislative Session ended early due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, legislators were able to pass an emergency bill to provide funds to deal with the healthcare crisis before Sine Die.

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (SB 1000 / HB 1300) is the Kirwan Commission recommendations in legislation. The bill passed, and now waits on Governor Hogan’s desk for him to sign, veto, or take no action, which will make it go into law by default.

Congressional District 7 Special Election

Due to concerns regarding the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus which causes COVID-19, Maryland has made the District 7 special election a vote-by-mail-only election. This is to fill the seat vacated by the unfortunate passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings in the fall of 2019.

Kirwan Passes Both Chambers

The efforts to #flattenthecurve of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, meant that the General Assembly suspended the Maryland legislative session in mid-March and this has increased the speed at which the legislature has worked to pass their most important bills.

AFT-Maryland Political Committee, March 2020

AFT-Maryland Political Coordinator Todd Reynolds briefed the Political Committee on all of the upcoming political news and information at their March meeting. Much of the meeting was spent discussing the Metro-Baltimore AFL-CIO endorsement process and what candidates were endorsed or considered for endorsement by the AFL-CIO.

AFT-Maryland Legislative Committee, March 2020

With a little over three weeks left in the legislative session, and the looming challenges of interpersonal interaction posed by the discovery of more COVID-19 cases, the AFT-Maryland March Legislative Committee meeting took on a heightened sense of importance. Several AFT-Maryland locals including BTU, BCFPE, CUB, and BCFPHN were represented.

AFTHCMD Members Lobby in Annapolis

The union’s legislative arm is strongest when members are the advocates lobbying for themselves. Legislators listen with a closer ear and a more compassionate heart when public employees share their experiences from their worksites.

Voting By Mail

By emergency proclamation of the Governor, the 2020 Presidential Primary Election has been postponed to June 2, 2020. This election will be primarily a “vote by mail” election. This means that ballots will automatically be mailed to all eligible voters. You should receive your ballot in early to mid May.

BTU Lobbies in Annapolis

Implementing the Kirwan Commission recommendations is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to make significant changes to the way Maryland students are educated. These changes will have particular effects on Baltimore City Public School students as well as students from Prince George’s county.