AFTMD Supports Striking Verizon Employees

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Unions are only as strong as the solidarity they create. They often find their strength in numbers, as they connect different people with different interest to one goal. To that end, members & staff of AFT-Maryland took to the picket line to support their sisters and brothers in labor from the Communication Workers Association (CWA). Verizon has been dealing unfairly with the CWA and members have taken to the picket line to voice their frustrations.

AFT-Maryland stood with CWA Local 2101 in Pikesville, MD to show solidarity, support and highlight that what affects one affects us all. AFT-Maryland Organizer Angie Ardis said "union solidarity is important so management in private sector and the state know that we are a family and what is done to one of us affects all of us". CWA Local 2101 member Eric Green said the presence of the sisters & brothers in labor gave he and his colleagues some "pep" (Click here for video).

Verizon has been openly advertising for workers to cross the picket line, but demostrations at verizon wireless stores across Baltimore persist. 

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