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Union members! Bookmark this page and visit periodically to receive updates on the elections, as well as information on legislative bills that affect you and your work.

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Take the 2024 Political Priorities Survey!

Members! Take the 2024 Political Priorities Survey

The 2024 election season will soon be upon us, and as public employees and education workers, we must be sure that our issues are understood by candidates who are running for various offices at both the local and federal level that are up for election.

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AFT-Maryland Statement on Wes Moore's Election

Following the election of Wes Moore to be Maryland’s 63rd Governor, AFT-Maryland President Kenya Campbell released this statement on behalf of the state federation.

I am so happy that Maryland has made history electing the first African-American Governor, as well as the first Indian-American Lieutenant Governor, in the state’s history. The Moore-Miller team ran a campaign promising to leave no Marylander behind and we look forward to working with them to better our communities and ultimately our state. 

While excited about the election of the Moore-Miller ticket, we at AFT-Maryland recognize the real work begins now.


Election 2022 and Get Out the Vote Recap

With the election season coming to a close, AFT-Maryland looks back at the work the state federation and its members have done to bolster democracy, and amplify the voices of working professionals in Maryland through the electoral process.

Public employees are in a unique position when statewide elections come around because it is a chance to express their opinions on elected leaders who shape their workplace. AFT-Maryland recognizes the particular role we play as a state federation bringing together public employees who work in a number of sectors and for state and local governments. Our work then, is to provide members with as much information as possible for them to make an informed decision, so their union can speak with one collective, democratic voice. 


Labor-Endorsed Candidates for 2022 Primary Election

AFT-Maryland, as part of the AFL-CIO, has announced its list of Endorsed Candidates for the 2022 Primary Election.

After a long process by which candidates completed questionnaires, interviewed with AFT-Maryland members, and visited worksites where our members are employed, AFT-Maryland members made their voice known in the house of labor who they believe will be the best candidates to stand up for public education and provide state, county, and city residents with the best services they can.

For the full list of endorsed candidates, CLICK HERE FOR

Candidate Questionnaire Responses 2022

The AFT-Maryland prepared a questionnaire for candidates running for office as a means to familiarize the candidates with issues that our members care about most. It also allows us the chance to see where the candidates stand on these issues.

Election 2020

We have resources for our members and community members to make their plans to vote in the upcoming 2020 General Election. 

  • AFT-Maryland Political Hub: Information on the 2020 elections, as well as information on legislative bills that affect you and your work
  • General Election: November 3, 2020 (Early voting runs October 26 - November 2)
  • Get more information about 2020 Local Elections (Includes our Endorsement Process, Key Dates for the upcoming elections, Candidate Questionnaire repsonses, etc.)



Election 2022

We have resources for our members and community members to make their plans to vote in the upcoming 2022 Gubernatorial Election. 

Redistricting: Redrawing Congressional and Legislative Districts

Beginning on Dec 6th,the Maryland State Legislature will convene a special session to redraw our state’s congressional boundaries. The special session is different from the January-to-April regular legislative session: the state legislature will not hear testimony on the budget, but will instead only take up legislation to redraw congressional districts based on the 2020 U.S. Census data, consider overriding more than 20 bills vetoed by the Governor last Spring, and elect a new State Treasurer. 

Click through for info on how you can have your voice heard in how these districts should be drawn: