Share My Lesson tops 500,000 users

In less than two years, 500,000 teachers, parents and others have used Share My Lesson, posting, downloading and rating classroom lessons and other teaching materials—making it the most sought-after, free online collection of lesson plans and other instructional resources.


Apply now for the Prize for Solution-Driven Unionism

The AFT, in partnership with the Albert Shanker Institute and the AFT Innovation Fund, is accepting applications for the second annual $25,000 Prize for Solution-Driven Unionism, which honors the most innovative, inspiring examples of collaborative work by our state and local affiliates.


Workplace Bullying


The Senate Finance Committee will pass an amended version of Senate Bill 252, Task Force on Workplace Bullying in State Agencies, today.  Many Legislators do not believe that bullying is a problem in state agencies.  The amended version will set up two public hearings for individuals to state their experiences with bullying in state agencies.