Mental health services key to fixing school-to-prison pipeline

AFT-Maryland and Baltimore Teachers Union President Marietta English is featured in an important story on ways wrap-around services such as community schools and out of school time can significantly reduce the school-to-prison pipeline facing our young people today.


On the conclusion of the 2015 Maryland Legislative Session

"After a long and sometimes hotly debated legislative session, the state is better for the admirable bi-partisan work done by the legislators. I want to start by thanking the state legislature for its efforts in finding the funds to educate our children across the state and also for keeping state worker pay as it is.



Tell Gov. Hogan to fund our PUBLIC schools, workers

Governor Hogan needs to hear from you! After the legislature has done it's job to find the money necessary for the education of our young people, Governor Hogan won't play ball. He even tried to introduce a backdoor voucher program that would take PUBLIC TAXPAYER money and give it to PRIVATE schools. The governor is also holding state employee pay hostage, despite the fact that the legislature found the money to avoid state employee pay cuts.


Gov. Hogan Playing Games with Education Funding

In the final week of the Legislative Session, Governor Hogan is on a mission to see his agenda through. Unfortunately his agenda is a reverse Robin Hood, taking from those who need it most and rewarding those who can survive without it.


President English on BCPSS New School Police Plan

"This new school police plan is very disturbing to us at the Baltimore Teachers Union because we are now asking teachers, PSRPs, and principals to be responsible for one more thing other than the educational instruction of our city's students. Our members are not police..."

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