BCFPHN holds Student Debt Clinic

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Student debt affects millions of Americans and many are looking for ways to alleviate the heavy burden that student loan debt has become. AFT offers a range of ways to help members who are trying to work around their student debt. Baltimore County Federation of Public Health Nurses (BCFPHN) Local 5102 tapped into those resources when they invited Greg Goff from AFT Higher Education to deliver a virtual presentation to members.

The virtual event featured tips on how to access student loan forgiveness benefits through the AFT program “Summer”. Summer is a benefit of membership and has been a useful tool in organizing not only county nurses, but a host of other public employees. (Visit www.aft.org/benefits/summer to learn more.)

The union will continue to host these events. While the nation continues to wait and see what federal policy will be enacted to help borrowers, AFT is taking the first step to help members with this program and with presentations to show members how to access the benefits.