BTU 2019 Teacher Leaders

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The 2019 cohort of teachers that made up the Baltimore Teachers Union Teacher Leaders Program displayed their work before an audience of peers and supporters at their closing exercise. The Teacher Leader program is funded by a grant from AFT. It allows participants to identify an educational obstacle, and during the course of the eight-month program, they research solutions to the problem.

BTU Teacher Leader Facilitator Carla McCoy said, “As has been the standard for the AFT/BTU Teachers Leaders, Cohort 7 did not disappoint! Each participant used their passion for students and other stakeholders in the district to research topics that could potentially affect change in their classrooms and in the district. It would be fantastic if the district was able to work together with BTU for implementation.”

The following is a list of participants and research interest of the 2019 BTU Teachers Leaders Cohort:

  • Shavonne Berkley
    School: Westport Elementary School
    Topic: Restorative Practices
  • Patrice Frasier
    School: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
    Topic: Equal Access to GATE Programs for Elementary & Middle Schools
  • Tuere Ganges
    School: Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy
    Topic: What If We Pay Students for Academic Achievement?
  • Loren Miles
    School: Carver Vocational-Technical High School
    Topic: Parent Accountability
  • Tashawna Miller
    School: James Mosher Elementary/Middle School
    Topic: Teacher’s Beliefs and Attitudes about Social Emotional Learning
  • Lisa Shands
    School: Roland Park Elementary/Middle School
    Topic: How Can Culturally Responsive Teaching Affect Classroom Instruction
  • Charnita White
    School: Abbottson Elementary School
    Topic: Special Education Training for General Education Teachers
  • Shane Williams
    School: Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School
    Topic: The Impact of Site Based Mentoring on Teacher Performance and Perception