MCEA Holds Training for MTA Officers

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Union business proceeds even on weekends in some instances, and that was the case for the Maryland Classified Employees Association (MCEA, Local 1935) as they held a Saturday training and informational session for MTA police officers who are members of the local. The session covered a number of topics that served as both a welcome and informative introduction to union activity. 

MCEA and AFT-Maryland staff walked MTA officers through sessions on collective bargaining, union structure, insurance, as well as grievances. These are vital sessions for public employees accessing the privileges and benefits of union membership. Those in attendance left with a clearer understanding of the structure of their union, a better sense of the relationship their local has with AFT-Maryland, AFT, and the AFL-CIO as well as their rights in the workplace. 

The collaborative effort of MCEA and AFT-Maryland demonstrates the strength of the partnership between the local and the state federation. The joint work by both organizations serves members by fully informing and empowering them as public employees.