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AFT Maryland Announces Endorsed Candidates List for 2024 Election

The AFT Maryland has announced their list of endorsed candidates for Baltimore City office, encouraging members to support in the 2024 Primary Election. The endorsements include the union-preferred candidates for mayor, city council president, and most of the 14 city council seats that will be considered for the May 14th Primary.

“The AFT Maryland is a constituent union of the AFL-CIO, and we participate fully in and completely support the choices organized labor as a whole have made for the 2024 Baltimore City Primary,” said AFT Maryland President Kenya Campbell. “AFT Maryland is one of the largest, if not the largest, labor union within the city, and has among its locals the Baltimore Teachers Union and City Union of Baltimore. We take these recommendations quite seriously, as our members are among the most engaged in the day-to-day tasks of making the city work. We are proud to recommend to our members a whole slate of candidates throughout the city that we trust will best serve the interests of the Baltimore community.”

Candidates must receive two-thirds of the support of dues paying AFL-CIO constituent unions for endorsement. Among those the union will recommend to its members for the 2024 Primary:

  • Mayor: Brandon Scott
  • City Council President: Zeke Cohen
  • City Comptroller: Bill Henry
  • City Council District 2: Danielle McCray
  • City Council District 3: Ryan Dorsey
  • City Council District 5: Yitzy Schleifer
  • City Council District 6: Sharon Green Middleton
  • City Council District 7: James Torrence
  • City Council District 8: Paris Gray
  • City Council District 9: John Bullock
  • City Council District 10: Phylicia Porter
  • City Council District 12: Jermiane Jones
  • City Council District 14: Odette Ramos

With primary election day just over a month away, the union is participating fully in the AFL-CIO Get-Out-The-Vote efforts, working with other AFL-CIO unions to let members across the labor family know the issues that are at stake here in Baltimore City, the reasoning behind why specific candidates were endorsed, and how union members can participate in the 2024 primary election. Members are encouraged to sign up to help our GOTV efforts:

For more information and resources on the 2024 Primary Election, visit

For questions, please contact AFT Maryland Political Coordinator Todd Reynolds at
443-320-4719 or


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