AFT-Maryland Partners with National Federation for PPE

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Public employees make up many of the essential workers throughout Maryland working on the front lines during this pandemic. They continue to show up and do their jobs to help cities, counties, and the state maintain some semblance of normalcy during this difficult and unusual time. Just because someone is a hero at work, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be well protected. AFT-Maryland knows how important our public employees are, so we partnered with our national federation to provide leaders of our public employee locals with PPE for members.

Leaders were grateful for the additional PPE to distribute to their members. The boxes included basics such as masks and gloves with the hope that future PPE shipments may include gowns (particularly for our members in the health care sector). This is the second effort AFT-Maryland has been a part of where we’ve partnered with another labor organization to provide PPE to Maryland’s frontline workers.

Earlier this year, AFT-Maryland partnered with the Metro Baltimore AFL-CIO to provide gloves, masks, sanitation wipes, and more to members of the state federation. These supplies went to housing inspectors in Baltimore city as well as health care nurses and 9-1-1 call center operators in Baltimore county among others in the state federation.

AFT-Maryland is committed to helping our members stay as safe as possible as they deliver high quality services and health care throughout the state.

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