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AFT-Maryland Legislative Priorities for 2023 Maryland Legislative Session

AFT-Maryland has announced their 2023 Legislative Priorities for the 2023 Maryland Legislative Session.

We work with public employees from a number of sectors including K-12 education, healthcare, state and municipal civil service, and higher education to meet with elected officials to advocate for policy that would improve their work experiences.

Click through for more information about policies and bills of interest to our members in the 2023 Maryland Legislative Session.


AFT-Maryland 2022 Legislative Report

AFT-Maryland had a tremendously successful 2022 legislative session. All our bills passed to the governor’s desk, one was signed into law, and one was vetoed by Gov. Hogan – but we were able to override it. AFT-MD and our affiliate unions supported several bills that also passed and worked within coalitions on legislation that is currently on the governor’s desk.

AFT-MD, our affiliate unions’ leadership, their staff, and members testified in over 22 hearings. AFT-MD alone submitted over 65 pieces of written testimony, and this does not include all the written testimony from our affiliate unions and their members, which is difficult to keep track of and very much appreciated.

And a very special thank you to the union members who used personal leave to testify on bills - you are our heroes!

For more information, a Session Recap video, and details on specific bills,

2022 Maryland Legislative Session Recap

The 2022 legislative session posed challenges for legislators and advocates alike. During the session, responses to Covid-19 and its variants meant everyone had to adapt quickly. Thankfully, the state federation was prepared to do so and maintained our strong presence in Annapolis. On the whole, AFT-Maryland, our affiliate locals, and the Maryland labor movement had a solid session. State federation efforts were led by Denise Riley who served as the point person in Annapolis for AFT-Maryland. Members from across the federation volunteered their time and effort to draft written testimony, provide oral testimony in person and remotely, as well as participate in virtual and in-person press conferences, all in lobbying efforts to pass our bills. 

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Public Funding for Public Schools press conference

The Public Funding for Public Schools Coalition held a press conference Tuesday February 28, 2017 to call on the Maryland General Assembly to defund Governor Hogan’s BOOST funding in his budget. The coalition brought together a wide range of educational advocates who all want to see public dollars be used on public schools.

Member, staff testify for the Protect Our Schools Act

A Baltimore Teachers Union member and an AFT-Maryland staff member testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday, February 28 in support of House Bill 978, loosely referred to as the Protect Our Schools Act of 2017. The bill is a follow up of the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Members testify against charter school legislation

AFT-Maryland and Baltimore Teachers Union members testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, in opposition to HB 878, a proposed expansion in current state charter school laws. Maryland already has some of the best, strongest charter laws in the nation, and our members want to keep it that way.

Issues 2017: Protect Our Schools Act of 2017


With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Federal Government has given each state the ability to forge its own educational path. This path includes authoring a plan for measuring accountability and student achievement and growth. In previous years, accountability was measured in the form of student scores on standardized tests. Studies have shown that this is a poor method for evaluating public education, and HB978/SB871, the Protect Our Schools Act of 2017, is intended to correct this mistake, and implement accountability measures and intervention strategies that have been proven to get results...