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Keeping the Chesapeake Clean vs. the "Rain Tax"

A big fight this legislative session, and this political season, will be the stormwater runoff tax (referred to as the "rain tax"), and attempt to repeal it. Environmental groups have started to mount an ad camapign, according to the Baltimore Sun. A number of Republicans have introduced bills delaying or repealing the implementation of the tax, designed to prevent storm water runoff from polluting the Chesapeake Bay.

Ruppersberger officially announces he is not running for Governor, but perhaps Delaney is?

Baltimore Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger announced yesterday that he will not be in the running for the democratic nomination for governor, saying he wanted to stay in congress to work on national issues. However, Montgomery County Congressman John Delaney, with his ramped-up critiques of O'Malley/Brown's rollout of health care and pollsters who continue to ask voters how they feel about Delaney's chances for the spot, has fueled speculation that he may be considering a run.

Study shows Maryland is #1 per capita for millionaires

Despite calls for lowering tax rates from state republicans and a few democrats, a recent study found that Maryland has (and has had over time) the most millionaires per capita in the US. Despite calls saying that Maryland's high tax rate would force the top earners to other states, the data show that this is simply just not the case.

More at the MarylandJuice.com.

1/23/14 Todd Reynolds, Political Action Coordinator

Brochin (N. Balt. Co./Towson) faces challenges from O'Malley

Senator James Brochin, a Democrat representing northern Baltimore County (including Towson), is facing challenges from O'Malley and Miller backed democrats. Brochin is seen as more of a maverick-- willing to buck Miller and O'Malley. Connie DeJuliis (she spoke at our Baltimore Central Labor Council meeting in Atlantic City) is the candidate O'Malley is supporting.