AFT Healthcare Steward Training

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On a March Friday, a collection of state workers who decided they no longer wanted to be just employees, but that they wanted to be leaders in their workplace, convened at the AFT-Maryland office for a steward training. This training equipped members with skills on how to engage fellow workers and managing a range of worker related issues. A common misconception about state employees, particularly in the health sector, is that they don’t face similar worker issues as other employees, namely private ones.

AFT-Healthcare Maryland is responsible for facilitating labor-management committees (LMCs) as well as working with members and employees to address any workplace condition that makes it harder for workers to do their job. The group of new stewards spent a day discussing a range of issue specific to ensuring a comfortable and safe workplace.

The training was lead by Rose Wertz of AFT Healthcare-Maryland and Robin Raynor of AFT-Maryland.