AFT-Maryland at NAF - Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 was a great opportunity to welcome community partners back in schools to engage educators and thank them for the work they do. AFT-Maryland took that opportunity to visit with education professionals at the National Academy Foundation (NAF) in East Baltimore. The state federation was represented by President Kenya Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer LaBrina Hopkins, and Community Engagement Director Jeffery Johnson.

The school hosted vendors from a range of fields including local entrepreneurs. Educators were treated to a delicious meal and many stopped by the AFT-Maryland table afterwards. The state federation team shared the myriad of benefits members at the school have access to because of their affiliation with AFT (visit for info*). Members were also given goodie bags of useful classroom supplies as a token of appreciation from the state federation. 

Ever mindful of our civic responsibility and upcoming statewide and federal elections, AFT-Maryland also had voter registration forms for members who may not be registered to vote in Maryland. Find more voter information at 

The state federation was excited to engage members directly in-school for Teacher Appreciation Week. Members were excited to see the familiar faces of AFT-Maryland. They traded stories and laughs as they thanked AFT-Maryland for the gift bags. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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