AFT-Maryland Represented at NAACP Maryland Annual Convention

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AFT-Maryland President Kenya Campbell joined the NAACP Maryland State Conference for their 81st Annual Convention to discuss the future of labor for Black workers. President Campbell spoke on the panel representing the nearly 20,000 public employees across the state of Maryland that AFT-Maryland local affiliates represent in collective bargaining. The panel included leaders from a number of private and public labor organizations all discussing ways to ensure Black workers are included in the U.S. and Maryland’s rebuilding plan.

Consistent throughout the conversation was how labor organizations as well as civil rights organizations such as the NAACP can work together to strengthen the position of Maryland workers and the Maryland economy. Other topics that were addressed included President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan. Organizers of the panel questioned labor leaders about how the pandemic affected their membership as well as what President Biden’s Build Back Better plan could mean for Black Maryland workers. 

One of the reasons the NAACP concentrated on the Black workers was because where Black workers do well, all workers do well. When the wages of Black workers are high, other workers' wages rise as well.