AFT-Maryland at State Worker Rally

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State workers can think of 2.5 billion reasons to take to the streets and demand Governor Hogan recognize them as the heroes they are. That 2.5 billion figure represents the surplus to the Maryland state budget. The pandemic threatened the economic coffers of the state, but thanks to federal investment and collective sacrifice, Maryland was able to stave off the worst damages and now finds itself in position to move forward with a sunnier economic forecast.

The state workforce hasn’t shared in the sunny forecast in the same way. State employees across a number of agencies never received Covid-19 Response Pay and many more feel a general neglect and underappreciation from the state. Some state employees aren’t even paid $15/hour for their work. In that vein, AFT-Maryland joined AFSCME Council 3, and a number of other community and labor organizations for a rally calling for Governor Hogan to recognize the role state employees played in helping Maryland navigate the economic uncertainty of the pandemic and reward state workers for their labor. 

There was an outpouring of support from many of the rush hour cars that rode past the rally signifying their support for the people who helped Maryland weather the pandemic storm. State employees and community supporters waved in gratitude signaling the solidarity of workers in Baltimore and beyond. The rally at State Center was followed by a march to the Walters Art Museum in support of workers attempting to organize a union at the museum.