BTU New Teacher Steering Meeting

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With the school year underway, educators in Baltimore city eagerly welcomed their students back to school. For new educators, the first week was an opportunity to get themselves acquainted with the daily mechanics of the school and the students. The advice and preparation from others were now to be put into practice. After the first week, the Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU) gathered the New Teachers Steering Committee for a brunch to goal-set the committee’s objectives for the upcoming school year.  

BTU field representative Cindy Sjoquist organized the gathering at Baltimore’s Dovecote Cafe. The meeting was the product of the work of the New Teacher Steering Committee. That committee will be working throughout the school year to support educators in their first year in the classroom.The committee meets monthly and the next meeting is scheduled for October 5th. 

For more information on the committee’s work, contact Ms. Sjoquist at