CUB President on Capitol Hill

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When federal legislators wanted to protect public water, they knew they could call on President Antoinette Ryan-Johnson of the City Union of Baltimore. They knew she’d be the perfect ally for this fight to protect public water. Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence of Michigan along with Congressman Ro Khanna of California have re-introduced the WATER Act of 2019. This legislation would provide federal funding for water infrastructure improvements all across the nation.

In her remarks at the press conference introducing the legislation, President Ryan-Johnson spoke on behalf of the 600 City Union of Baltimore employees who work in the water department. She noted the lead contamination in Baltimore city public school pipes that make the clean Baltimore city water undrinkable for students and staff in the school. This legislation would repair that infrastructure and allow schools to use city water. She praised the efforts of CUB and other allies in passing a referendum protecting Baltimore city water from privatization and noted that was just the beginning for clean water in Baltimore and across the nation.

AFT tapped President Ryan-Johnson because of her leadership in Baltimore’s fight for clean water as well as her diligence fighting for Baltimore city public employees. She has been a player in Annapolis fighting for CUB members on the state level and her work has now garnered the attention of federal legislators who want her and the members of CUB on their side as they fight to protect a public good.