Happy Lunar New Year

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The Lunar New Year is a time when many of our members and millions of people across the world gather with their families to celebrate the coming year. They do this while hoping the coming year brings greater safety, happiness, and prosperity. This year is the Year of the Tiger, specifically the Water Tiger. Those born in the Year of the Tiger are believed to be charming, competitive, and brave. Those are qualities we hope each of us can embody at some point this year. Tiger years are auspicious years with the strength and force of the tiger. May we all embody that strength in the coming year.

As with other holidays, the ongoing pandemic may make celebrating with family difficult, but we know that the true spirit of family love cannot be broken by distance. While some celebrations may have to be virtual this year, we hope those celebrating can find joy in the bonds of family and community that have sustained us for centuries.

Those of us not celebrating the Lunar New Year can still commit ourselves to celebrating and enjoying the Lunar New Year. We can remember our own connections of family, friends, and fellowship and allow that to inspire us in our daily lives. On behalf of the state federation, I wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. In the spirit of the holiday, I wish for everyone celebrating health, happiness, love, peace, and prosperity.

Kenya Campbell, President