Message from President English

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With a sigh of relief, we can begin the day by congratulating President Obama and Vice President Biden on their re-election. It’s been an exciting election season, and one of the most exhilarating aspects has been watching our members step up to the challenge. You talked to your friends and families, knocked on doors, made phone calls, and supported this campaign with your time and your vote. It has been an incredible team effort, and we thank you all for your hard work and determination.

This election shows that our state and our country will continue to move forward for the future of our middle class. Unions have been instrumental in bringing us this far, and our Union will continue to work for the benefit of our members and communities.

In Maryland, we are pleased and relieved at the passage of Questions 4, 6, and 7. These will benefit our members and their families by providing more jobs, securing funding for education and school quality, keeping money in our state, and by helping to overcome the divisiveness that has allowed a few to prosper at the expense of the many. We are moving forward to realize the full potential of our state. We are reaffirming our belief in “liberty and justice for all,” not just the fortunate few.

We are disappointed that the Town of Ocean City did not pass the Charter Amendment, which would have given the general employees of Ocean City the same opportunity for collective bargaining as the fire fighters and police. We are pleased, however, in the success we had in talking to the people of Ocean City about the amendment and raising awareness about unionism in the area.

Thank you, again, for your vote, for your hard work, and for your support of your Union. Together, we are continuing to make a difference in Maryland.

Marietta English,
President, AFT-Maryland