Workers Rally at Merriweather Lakehouse in Columbia

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A hallmark of union activism is persistence. That’s why AFT-Maryland continues to join with our union family to support members from UNITE HERE Local 7 in their fight against the Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel, formerly the Sheraton Columbia. Union activists again protested outside the hotel demanding hospitality workers get their jobs back - jobs they lost through no fault of their own but because of pandemic-related shutdowns. 

Click here to read about AFT-Maryland’s participation in the initial protest outside Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel.

Much of Maryland is returning to business and workers who had jobs before the pandemic should be given the option to work at those jobs when businesses fully reopen. UNITE HERE Local 7 expressed their gratitude to AFT-Maryland and other labor unions who stood in solidarity with them at this protest. The repeated direct action in front of the hotel is necessary because of the hotel's unwillingness to meet the demands of the union and respect the workers. 

Labor unions are known for their commitment to workers and direct actions are a way unions demonstrate that commitment. Multiple rallies and protests are necessary to sustain public attention to the wrongs that employers commit against workers. When our members are directly affected or when other union family members are affected, AFT-Maryland will support workers and ensure Maryland employers give justice to employees.