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AFT-Maryland Attends Unite Here Local 7 Rally

An injury to one, is an injury to all. That’s a deeply held belief in the labor movement, and AFT-Maryland showed up for our labor family from Unite Here Local 7. Members of the union who work concessions at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, held a rally demanding an increase in pay to keep up with the rising cost of inflation. 

AFT-Maryland stood in solidarity with the workers who are currently being paid minimum wage. Unite Here Local 7 is demanding $15 an hour and are currently bargaining with the company Delaware North who is the stadium’s concessionaire. 


AFT-Maryland Statement on the School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

We are devastated and heartbroken to issue yet another statement following another mass shooting taking the lives of students and teachers in a school. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this horrific tragedy. But we are also weary of the helpless feeling that comes with not being able to cease these incidents. When we call on common sense gun legislation, it is not to politicize tragedy, it is an effort to save our children, our teachers, elders at grocery stores, parishioners at their place of worship, and frankly any of us, anywhere we may be. 

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AROS and The People's Education Platform

AFT-Maryland as well as the Baltimore Teachers Union, Local 340 are a part of the Baltimore Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) and were involved in efforts to create the people’s education platform. The platform identified 14 different educational priorities parents, students, education professionals, and community members alike could vote for as their top issues. Some of the priorities people could choose were practical job and life skills, significant reduction in standardized testing, as well as more resource classes, field trips, and cultural experiences, just to name a few. 

Over the course of about two months, the Baltimore AROS set up...


AFT-Maryland at NAF - Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 was a great opportunity to welcome community partners back in schools to engage educators and thank them for the work they do. AFT-Maryland took that opportunity to visit with education professionals at the National Academy Foundation (NAF) in East Baltimore. The state federation was represented by President Kenya Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer LaBrina Hopkins, and Community Engagement Director Jeffery Johnson.

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AFT-Maryland Statement on the Passing of Dr. Lillian Lowery

News of Dr. Lillian Lowery’s passing has saddened our state federation deeply. We had the utmost respect for her as a tireless fighter for students across the state of Maryland. Dr. Lowery’s historic term as the first African-American to head the Maryland State Department of Education was monumental for young Black women who aspired for careers in educational administration. She served at every level of education including as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, and superintendent before leading education departments in Delaware and Maryland.

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Welcome, Spring!

The turn of the pages on the calendar to April brings excitement at the anticipation of spring. The season is one that holds a great deal of potential and promise. Many of us will resume some of our favorite outdoor activities; others will try new outdoor ideas for the first time. We know the adage that “April showers, bring May flowers,” and we are eager for the longer, warmer days, even if we have to put up with some rainy ones here and there.

This year, the month of April also brings...

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Celebrating student loan relief

“It was like waking up and learning you won the lottery.” That’s just one of the comments flooding the AFT offices from members who are elated to be free of student debt at last. After relentless advocacy, including an AFT lawsuit against former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program that was so broken is finally doing what it is supposed to do: delivering relief from student debt for thousands of borrowers. So far, $6.2 billion in student debt has been forgiven for 100,000 public service workers like teachers, nurses and professors.

BCFPE Leadership Testify on Behalf of 911 Workers

March has been a busy month for AFT affiliates in Annapolis. With the 90-day legislative session going strong, many of our unions have appeared virtually or headed to Annapolis to testify on bills that could meaningfully change working conditions and benefits for our public employees. Baltimore County Federation of Public Employees (BCFPE Local 4883) President John Ripley and Area Vice President Kasia Gatchalian testified on two bills that would affect 911 operators in Baltimore county. 


Happy Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a time when many of our members and millions of people across the world gather with their families to celebrate the coming year. They do this while hoping the coming year brings greater safety, happiness, and prosperity. This year is the Year of the Tiger, specifically the Water Tiger. Those born in the Year of the Tiger are believed to be charming, competitive, and brave. Those are qualities we hope each of us can embody at some point this year. Tiger years are auspicious years with the strength and force of the tiger. May we all embody that strength in the coming year.

As with other holidays, the ongoing pandemic may make celebrating with family difficult, but...