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Never again

“A majority of American teens say they are worried about a shooting happening at their school. Let that sink in,” AFT President Randi Weingarten writes in her latest column for the New York Times. “Young people are demanding meaningful action beyond ‘thoughts and prayers.’ They know, as do law enforcement officers and educators, that there are effective ways to address gun violence.” Read more about the proven strategies that would enhance school safety and reduce gun violence.

Due Process Rights for Maryland School for the Deaf employees

Due process is an essential right for every employee, however employees at the Maryland School for the Deaf currently don’t have that right. The AFT-Maryland was hard at work ensuring that wouldn’t be the case for long. AFT-MD took to the halls of power in Maryland to make the case for due process rights for all state employees including those at Maryland School for the Deaf.

AFL-CIO Support for AFGE Families

When our sisters and brothers of labor are in need, we will answer the call. The unions that make up the AFT-Maryland answered the call for their American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) sisters and brothers in an act of selflessness and solidarity. When the Metro Baltimore Council of AFL-CIO put out the call, we were there in full force to answer.

AFT-Maryland Lobby Night 2019

Members from across the state federation met in Annapolis to lobby for a range of issues important to Maryland public employees.

AFL-CIO Community Services Holiday Baskets

On Monday, December 17, 2018, staff and members of AFT-Maryland, BCFPE, City Union of Baltimore, and others joined with the Metropolitan Baltimore Council AFL-CIO in preparing holiday baskets to deliver to union families in need. AFL-CIO Community Services organized the effort, and members and staff volunteered their time to pack, sort, and deliver donations.

Lobby Night in Annapolis 2019

Join AFT-Maryland and our members from the BTU, CUB, MCEA, MPEC, AFT Healthcare, BCFPE, and BCFPHN as we travel to Annapolis to talk with our representatives about our issues in the 2019 Legislative Session.

Buses will depart from AFT-Maryland, 5800 Metro Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215 at 5:15 p.m.

Cutting the heart out of higher ed

Betsy DeVos wants to alter the DNA of higher education, trying to change the definition of the credit hour, eliminate student-faculty interaction in some programs and allow schools losing their accreditation to charge students tuition. And it’s all disguised in the wonky and overwhelming “negotiated rulemaking” review process that begins Jan. 15.