AFT Student Debt Clinic

​​More than 45 million US workers owe $1.6 trillion dollars in student loans, with ~93% of it owed to the US Department of Education. Workers are going into more debt to finance their education, and more workers are defaulting on those loans because wages aren’t rising to keep up with the costs. The system is broken!

MSDFSA Meets with Sen. Paul Pinsky

As the 2020 Maryland Legislative Session approaches, the unions of AFT-Maryland are working to ensure their agendas are front and center on the minds of legislators. The Maryland School for the Deaf Faculty and Staff Association (MSD) is one of the unions who have been active lately to ensure their members concerns are addressed by the General Assembly.

AFT-Maryland at AFT Civil, Human, and Women's Rights Conference 2019

Unions and social justice have gone hand-in-hand for decades. Any organization that’s committed to democracy and fairness in the workplace would logically work to ensure that the rights of all people are upheld. AFT is no different, and the Civil, Human, and Women’s Rights Committee is the arm of the union that works on these issues specifically.