Statement on Gun Violence in Texas and Ohio


Over the weekend, the nation once again witnessed violence in its worst form: mass shootings that took the lives of nearly 30 people in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. These shootings are again abhorrent and represent the worst in human behavior. They demonstrate that too many Americans use violence as the language with which they communicate. While we are still waiting for a motive in the Dayton shooting, we know the violence in El Paso was motivated by white supremacist xenophobia and ethnic hatred. We also know the shooter was inspired by the words and behavior of our president. White supremacist violence has long haunted many Americans and has resulted in the death of too many black and brown people.

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AFT-Maryland COPE Meeting held

AFT-Maryland convened the state federation’s political committee to discuss and prepare for the upcoming 2020 elections. In compliance with all federal labor laws, no members’ dues are used for electoral politics.

BTU 2019 Teacher Leaders

The 2019 cohort of teachers that made up the Baltimore Teachers Union Teacher Leaders Program displayed their work before an audience of peers and supporters at their closing exercise. The Teacher Leader program is funded by a grant from AFT. It allows participants to identify an educational obstacle, and during the course of the eight-month program, they research solutions to the problem.

Bills benefiting members signed into law

AFT-Maryland had a busy legislative session, working to get several bills passed and signed into law. Gov. Larry Hogan held a signing ceremony for three bills that affected locals in the state federation. One was a bill placing employees at the Maryland School for the Deaf into the State Personnel Management System.