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Celebraing Women's History Month

Women are a mighty force in the American labor movement. We kick off Women’s History Month celebrating the amazing women who have helped shape the labor movement across the nation and here in Maryland. Our state federation is teeming with powerful women activists. There are currently nine women members of AFT-Maryland’s Executive Board, as well as four of our locals have women presidents. AFT-Maryland has been blessed with exceptional leadership from my predecessors Lorretta Johnson and Marietta English and we are grateful for the woman leading our national organization, Randi Weingarten. The power of women in the labor movement does not stop there. The Maryland-Washington D.C. AFL-CIO is led by President Donna Edwards.

Maryland’s rich history of women in prominent leadership positions is not limited to the labor movement. We are at a watershed moment for women political leaders across the state...

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Rising prescription drug prices affect individuals, employers, and all levels of government. As pharmaceutical manufacturers kick off the new year with their annual price hikes, Maryland is stepping up its efforts to tackle the problem head-on.

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AFT Maryland Triennial Convention 2024

The AFT Maryland Triennial State Convention will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2023.  The location is forthcoming. Members of AFT Maryland affiliates should check with their local president for information.

Thank you,

LaBrina K. Hopkins
AFT Maryland Triennial State Convention Chair


The pandemic caused a shift in the way quite a bit of legislative business was handled. Some of those changes have outlived the social distancing guidance that dictated how we did business. That includes virtual testimony, zoom meetings, and live streaming of in-person events. One event that returned with a force as strong as it was pre-pandemic was the Metro Baltimore Council AFL-CIO labor rally, held on Lawyers Mall in front of the Maryland State House in Annapolis.  The annual event is a show of solidarity among labor as unions collectively flex their strength and call on state legislators to pass bills that support working people and their families. As AFT-Maryland President Kenya Campbell reminded the audience “labor power definitely works.” Click for more photos and to read > > >

Howard Community College Faculty Kicks Off Bargaining

There is no stronger power than labor power and faculty at Howard Community College are flexing that muscle. Tuesday, January 30, 2024 kicked off the first day of bargaining for full time faculty with the institution. Prior to heading into the bargaining session, the bargaining team rallied with fellow full time faculty union members, AFT Maryland President, Kenya Campbell, and AFT Maryland staff. Faculty addressed the crowd and rallied in support of the team as they headed into the first negotiation session. The faculty in attendance were supportive and eager to let their voices be heard through collective bargaining.

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AFL-CIO Collective Bargaining Presser

“An injury to one, is an injury to all.” This famous labor quote set the tone for a press conference in Annapolis where the Maryland/DC AFL-CIO called on the Maryland General Assembly to pass legislation that would enable public employees throughout the state to have collective bargaining rights. Of the three bills that were highlighted during the event, AFT-Maryland has members that will be affected by two. 

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