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Seeking volunteers for political canvassing in Ocean City

Date: 10/27/12
Time: 10am-7pm

Volunteers are needed to assist the general employees of the Town of Ocean City as they seek to get a ballot initiative passed that would grant them collective bargaining rights like the Police and Fire employees have had in the town for years. We will walk through the neighborhoods and talk to voters at their homes about the importance of passing this initiative, asking them to vote 'yes' in support of the initiative (a brief training will be provided).

Overnight accommodations for Saturday night, reimbursements for mileage to and from Ocean City, and a food stipend will all be provided.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Christine Curry at or 202-486-2356 no later than Thursday October 18. 2012.

Union members and leaders gathered at a rally on Oct. 4, 2012 in support of Question 7, the ballot question that will add a sixth casino in Prince George's County. AFT-Maryland and the Baltimore Teachers Union were represented, along with the Maryland/DC AFL-CIO and the United Auto Workers. The UAW represents casino workers in New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio and Connecticut. (1090AM WBAL)

President English spoke at the rally (see video here), saying "A vote for Question 7 is a vote for more money for Maryland schools."



On May 3, 2012, Joel Smith appeared before the Court of Appeals on behalf of a coalition of Anne Arundel County public safety unions.

Joel argued that a 2011 bill passed by the Anne Arundel County Council and signed by the County Executive was in clear violation of a 2002 Amendment to the Anne Arundel County Charter. The Amendment mandated binding interest arbitration to resolve disputes concerning terms and conditions of employment for certain public safety employees. In an opinion dated September 28, 2012, the Court agreed. The Court concluded that the 2002 Amendment and its implementing legislation were entirely lawful. The 2011 bill was unlawful. The opinion settles thirty-five years of case law on the issue.

This is an important win for public employees across the State of Maryland.



Information union supporters need to know about the new film "Won't Back Down", starring Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal as a parent-teacher duo who use a "parent trigger" law to take over a failing public school.



Candidates: Where I stand on education

When voters go to the polls on Nov. 6, they'll choose from among presidential candidates who have very different views on the major issues affecting America, including education. With the election rapidly approaching, eSchool News has pulled together a summary of what each of the two major party candidates - - President Barack Obama for the Democratic Party, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the Republican Party - - have said about their plans for K-12 education.

Read more on eSchool News.

AFT-Maryland is proud to be one of the Partners in the Maryland Voter Registration & Get Out The Vote Coalition. Other partners include AFT, AFSCME Maryland, Baltimore Teachers Union, MD/DC AFL-CIO, NAACP Baltimore & Maryland, and many more.

Volunteers have been canvassing local businesses and communities in an effort to raise election awareness and to register voters for the upcoming election.

Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day, and our volunteers will be out there again, doing great work!

For info:

MD Voter Registration & GOTV Coalition | Ph: 410.269.1940 |