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BCFPE Elects New Officers

BCFPE Elects New Officers

The BaltimoreCounty Federation of Public Employees held officer elections Tuesday, September 27th. Here are the official results:

President- John Ripley

Executive Vice President- William Eaton

Secretary- Lisa Citizen

Treasurer- Dene Williams-Hatcher

Area I V.P.- Gary Smith, Sr.

Area II V.P.- Brian Reed

Area III V.P.- Arley Scott

Area IV V.P.- Paula Laughter

Area V V.P.-Bob Ridgely

Area VI V.P.- OPEN

Area VII V.P.- Aaron Tsui

Congratulations to all of the elected officials!

 Over the last few years BCFPE has come a long way, but there is still much to do.  With Union Membership at a 13 year high, the BCFPE leadership team is certain that it can meet the challenges it faces and continue to move  forward!


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