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Election Information

Members! Check here for important information about local, state, and national elections.

Election 2024 Info

We have resources for our members and community members to make their plans to vote in the upcoming 2024 Primary Election.


We have resources for our members and community members to make their plans to vote in the upcoming 2022 Gubernatorial Election. 

Election 2020

We have resources for our members and community members to make their plans to vote in the upcoming 2020 General Election. 

  • AFT-Maryland Political Hub: Information on the 2020 elections, as well as information on legislative bills that affect you and your work
  • General Election: November 3, 2020 (Early voting runs October 26 - November 2)
  • Get more information about 2020 Local Elections (Includes our Endorsement Process, Key Dates for the upcoming elections, Candidate Questionnaire repsonses, etc.)



Due to concerns regarding the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus which causes COVID-19, Maryland has made the District 7 special election a vote-by-mail-only election. This is to fill the seat vacated by the unfortunate passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings in the fall of 2019.

The State Board of Elections plans to mail every eligible voter in district 7 their mail-in ballot by late March. If you have not yet received your ballot, or want to check to make sure your information is correct and up-to-date with the board of elections, please reach out to your county or city local board of elections


By emergency proclamation of the Governor, the 2020 Presidential Primary Election has been postponed to June 2, 2020. This election will be primarily a “vote by mail” election. This means that ballots will automatically be mailed to all eligible voters. You should receive your ballot in early to mid May. You do not need to ask for a ballot to receive one. They will mail to the address they have on file. If you need to have it mailed to a different address, or if you want to check what address they have for you, visit

  • To reduce the risk of
  • The AFT-Maryland, and each of its affiliated locals, are dues-paying members of the AFL-CIO. Fifty-five labor unions nationwide, including AFT, AFSCME, UAW, the Electrical Workers Union, the Firefighters Union, and scores of others, form the AFL-CIO, representing 12.5 million working people nationwide. The AFT-Maryland participates in and follows the AFL-CIO endorsement process.
  • In the summer before an election, the AFT-Maryland and the AFL-CIO, based on input from its membership, composes a candidate questionnaire to be distributed to candidates for each elected office. Beginning in the

Most of our members know who their elected representatives are working for them in DC. But do you know who represents you in Annapolis? Or in city hall? Or in county government? In many cases, elected leaders at the state and local levels make decisions on policy issues that most directly impact us as public employees and residents of those districts.

Your representatives need to hear from you on issues that directly concern you as a public employee and resident. Use the links below to find who represents you and how you may be able to reach out to them

State and Federal representatives


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