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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the office schedule for AFT-Maryland during the holidays?

AFT-Maryland’s offices will be closed from December 23rd until January 3rd.  AFT-Maryland staff, however, will be monitoring their emails and telephone messages. Staff will respond to all messages that are sent.


When are your normal office hours?

AFT-Maryland’s offices are open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.


What is the schedule for state workers during the holiday season?

State workers will receive December 23, 2011, and December 30, 2011, as days off. State workers also receive December 26, 2011, January 2,2011 as service reduction days.


Whom should I call if I have a question about my fair share contributions?

Depending on the agency for which you work, you should contact either the Maryland Professional Employees Council or AFT Healthcare-Maryland.  Each of these unions may be reached by calling 410-764-3030. Once the agency for which you work has been identified, you will be directed to an appropriate staff member who can provide assistance.


I work in the healthcare field. Whom should I call if I have questions about union membership?

Questions about healthcare may be directed to the AFT Healthcare-Maryland President, Debra Perry, or a member of her staff. Call 410-764-3030, ext.301, and ask to speak to a representative for AFT Healthcare-Maryland.


I believe that I should file a grievance. Whom should I call?

Several AFT-Maryland staffers can help with grievance procedures. Depending on the agency for which you work, an AFT-Maryland Field Organizer will be assigned to help you.  Call 410-764-3030.


I’m a member of MPEC and I don’t understand how my dues are determined. Whom should I call?

You can call MPEC at 410-764-3030, ext.214.  The President of MPEC is George Myers. He or a member of his staff will be able to answer your questions.


I need to contact a specific AFT-Maryland staff member, but I do not know his/her extension. Is there a directory of staff members?

During non-work hours, the AFT-Maryland telephone system will provide a directory of staff members and their direct extensions. You will be directed to leave a message in the voice mailbox of the staff member you seek.






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