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Biden-Harris Administration Makes True on Vision for a Better America

Labor for Biden

The Biden-Harris Administration has been consistent in its pursuit of a better future for all Americans. Their commitment to improving the lives of citizens and communities is reflected in an unprecedented record of achievements. While acknowledging that there is still much work to be done, it's essential to highlight the administration's significant accomplishments.

Strengthening the Economy and Creating Jobs

  • Reduced Unemployment: Over 12 million jobs and a nearly 6% growth rate—the fastest since 1984. This success has resulted in an unemployment rate at a 50-year low.
  • Lowered Costs: The Inflation Reduction Act has driven down healthcare expenses, capped prescription drug prices, and lowered energy costs, leading to substantial savings for individuals and families.
  • Increased Manufacturing Jobs: The CHIPS and Science Act allocated nearly $300 billion to manufacturing investments. This includes workforce development and expanded access to STEM education.
  • Union Jobs: The Biden-Harris administration has ensured that the technologies of the future are made in America. This commitment has resulted in the creation of high-quality union jobs, and expands opportunities for those without a college degree.
  • Rebuilt Infrastructure: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests in and modernizes critical infrastructure. This not only addresses immediate needs but lays the groundwork for a sustainable future.
  • Muted Inflation: While much of the rest of the world has been hampered by continued inflation, in the United States, thanks to the acts of the Biden Administration, inflation has been largely kept under control. The United States has the lowest inflation rate of any comparable industrialized country in the world.

Investing in Public Education

  • Historic Investments: The Biden budgets have prioritized education with historic investments in community schools, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), early education, Pell grants, and career and technical education.
  • Reopened Schools: The American Rescue Plan, allocating over $120 billion to help schools reopen safely, funds the recruitment and retention of educators, addresses students' mental health and learning needs, and ensures a secure educational environment.
  • Career and Technical Education: Through the CHIPS and Science Act, the administration has made significant strides in STEM education and experiential learning. This investment not only fosters innovation but also creates good-paying, union jobs.
  • Environmentally Safe Schools: President Biden has signed legislation that promotes environmentally sustainable practices in schools. This includes the transition to clean and zero-emission school buses, the elimination of lead in drinking water, and investment in broadband infrastructure.

Supporting Healthcare Workers and Quality Healthcare

  • Healthcare Workers: The Health Care Provider Protection Act aims to reduce mental health crises, burnout, and behavioral health conditions among healthcare professionals to ensure the well-being of those on the frontline of healthcare.

The Biden-Harris administration's accomplishments, from economic revitalization and job creation to substantial investments in education and healthcare, reflect a dedication to building a stronger, more resilient America. While challenges persist, the administration's remarkable record serves as a staging point for continued progress.

AFT-Maryland Staff

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