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Federal Government Shutdown: House Republicans' call for drastic cuts will affect Maryland’s economy

US Capitol
Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

The hard right members of the US House of Representatives are calling for a government shutdown if they do not receive the senseless funding cuts they demand, including an 80% reduction in public education Title I funding, which would highly impact low-income students. 

The cuts could lead to a nationwide reduction of 220,000 teachers, a catastrophic outcome for our nation’s students at a time when schools are already dealing with an educator shortage. It would also eliminate federal funding for community schools, and programs that support social and emotional learning. 

Once again, hard-liners in the Republican-controlled House are demanding President Biden acquiesce to the proposed cuts, or face a debilitating government shutdown on October 1. 

The last Government shutdown, when then-President Donald Trump refused to allow any federal spending without funds for a border wall (because Mexico did not pay for it). The shutdown cost Maryland 10% of its total income from taxes, as 250,000 Maryland workers – either federal or contract employees – were not paid.



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