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AFL-CIO Union Night Rally in Annapolis

AFT-Maryland was out with sisters and brothers in labor at the Metro-Baltimore AFL-CIO Union night in Annapolis. The night was highlighted by the words of the Maryland and DC AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Gerald Jackson’s words that it doesn’t matter if you’re a D or R as long as you support labor issues. Most of the speakers that evening didn’t speak on partisan policies but rather on ensuring that working women and men of Maryland and their families would not be harmed by any legislation before the General Assembly.

Among the state federation there was a strong contingent from our local municipal public employee unions. BCFPE and CUB both had a contingent there and when public employees were shouted out, both made their presence felt. CUB president Antoinette Ryan-Johnson addressed the audience and again called the name of Trina Cunningham. Ryan-Johnson encouraged those in attendance to fight privatization of water supply because it would cost union jobs and ultimately threaten the water supply for all who rely on Baltimore city for water.

Union-friendly legislators were in attendance, but the night did not belong to the politicians. Rather it belonged to the women and men who make up the Metro Baltimore labor movement.


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