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AFT-Maryland 2020 Legislative Reception

Elected leaders are often the ones who referee public employees and their issues with management, so with the Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session underway for 2020, AFT-Maryland puts labor leaders and activists in front of decision makers who have a say in issues affecting state employees, municipal employees, and education employees. To further that goal, the state federation hosted our annual 2020 Legislative Reception. The event was well attended by members and legislators.

Over light fare, AFT-Maryland members and leaders discussed the vital issues facing legislators that affect state and municipal employees. While one might assume Kirwan talk would have dominated the evening, that wasn’t so. Local leaders from BCFPE pressed legislators on lowering the retirement age for the Hometown Heroes Act from 55 to 50 and leaders and activists from BCFPHN were interested in the statewide task force that will establish protocols and norms for community health professionals. State employees from MPEC inquired about STEP increases among other issues, while activists from AFT Healthcare-Maryland wanted to secure pay equity for those serving in state facilities, and also talked with legislators to get answers on a potential MDH move.

All of this is not to say education was ignored. BTU members spoke with elected leaders who reaffirmed their commitment to getting Kirwan passed and welcomed collaboration from education professionals in Baltimore city. Members from Maryland School for the Deaf Faculty and Staff Association spent a lot of time engaging legislators to ensure they will be included on anything involving teachers and career ladders in the upcoming Kirwan legislation. Many of the elected officials enjoyed their exchanges with members from the Maryland School for the Deaf and were eager to work with them in the future to ensure the state is doing all it can to support them. Activists from CUB were also in attendance talking with legislators.

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