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AFT-Maryland Distributes 1,200 books to Baltimore Students

On Thursday, August 21, 2014, AFT-Maryland partnered with the Family League of Baltimore and the Y of Central Maryland to put 1,200 books in the hands of students at Moravia Park Elementary School, through AFT-Maryland's partnership with First Book.

Students arrived at the school for a pep rally, during which they received new backpacks from STATE and #BeyGOOD, Beyoncé's charitable program. After the program, they had the opportunity to stuff their new backpacks with brand new school supplies and books.

The books were provided by First Book, a Washington DC-based charity that provides access to new books for children in need. To date, First Book has distributed more than 100 million books to programs serving children from low-income families across the US and Canada.

AFT-Maryland is building an ongoing relationship with the Family League of Baltimore to support their Community and School Engagement Strategy, which focuses on partnerships between the school and other community organizations that promote student achievement and family and community well-being.

STATE Union and #BeyGood are giving back to thousands of kids in underfunded communities across the east coast this summer. Besides Baltimore, they will be visiting Charlotte, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Newark, and New York City to provide over 2,000 students with new backpacks for the school year, along with their high-enery, motivational school rally program and an opportunity for students to stuff their backpacks with brand new school supplies.

"STATE Bags addresses an immediate, growing need here in the US," says Scot Tatelman, STATE Bags co-Founder.  "Our #BeyGOODxSTATE GIVEBACKPACK Program and inspirational bag drop events go beyond a simple material donation by providing children in underfunded communities the role models and motivation to beat the odds. Partnering with Beyonce's  #BeyGOOD movement not only creates a platform for children to receive backpacks and school supplies for the upcoming year, but also drives them to reach their full potential."


First Book


Family League of Baltimore's Community and School Engagement Strategy

The Y of Central Maryland



For more on AFT-Maryland's Community Engagement programs, contact Angie Ardis at (410) 764-3030, or

AFT-Maryland, 5800 Metro Drive, Baltimore, MD  21215
(410) 764-3030

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