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AFT-Maryland Shows Union Solidarity in the Community

AFT-Maryland’s presence in the community knows no limits or bounds. It makes sense then, that when SEIU 32BJ and Maryland Secure Wages Coalition held a Worker Appreciation Cookout in Baltimore, the state federation was there in solidarity and unity with our labor sisters and brothers. Carroll Park was full of vibrant energy, enthusiastic workers and engaged union staff and members as workers were appreciated. This event is keeping with an ongoing effort to organize workers at transportation hubs throughout the state including Penn Station, the port, and BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Beyond just offering support and solidarity, AFT-Maryland was on-site registering people to vote. 2020 is a major election year for the nation, but also a big year locally. Beyond the upcoming presidential race, Baltimore will hold elections for mayor, city council, and comptroller. While important to get each and every member of the community registered to vote, there’s a particular importance in getting labor registered. The strength of labor at the ballot box in 2020 could be the decisive factor in close elections.

Union solidarity was strong at the event: in addition to AFT-Maryland, Metro Baltimore AFL-CIO President Jermaine Jones was in attendance, as was state Senator Antonio Hayes and Ben Jealous, the former head of the NAACP who ran for Governor of Maryland in 2018. 


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