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Back to School 2022

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Welcome Back, Education Professionals!

I know so many of our education professionals have been busy preparing for the return of students. I share your excitement for the start of the new school year and all the promise it holds. As we begin this new year, your union and state federation have been working diligently on Blueprint implementation. This transformative legislation that was years in the making should crystallize your work as education professionals. At every step in the process of implementation, we want to hear from you. You are the ones on the front line and can see what’s most effective for education professionals on a day-to-day basis. 

As a teacher and BTU member myself, I vividly recall that first week of school, where you meet your students and get to know them well. This is a time full of anticipation and revelation. You’ll learn so much about the young people you work with that they will likely grow to be more than just your students, but a second family. The bond we make with the students in our school community is unlike any other bond in any other profession. We know the enduring impact we have on students even when we don’t see the immediate results of the lesson we teach. 

As the 2022-23 school year gets underway, I hope everyone continues to be vigilant and mindful of healthy practices to keep students and colleagues safe from Covid-19 which sadly is still doing harm to so many across the state and the country. I’m confident that if we all do our part we can ensure a safe school environment that will result in a productive school year. 

Kenya Campbell, President

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