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Baltimore charter school teachers may lose union rights

Are charter school teachers and staff in danger of losing their hard fought union rights? Oppose Changes to the Charter School Law.

Charter schools play an important role in public education in Baltimore City. One main reason why Maryland ranks so high when it comes to education is because we have charter schools that work. Maryland has consistently high public school rankings in large part because of our strong charter school law.

The Governor and some charter operators want to change that. They will introduce legislation that remove charters from local oversight, and remove charter school teachers & staff from the protections of the Baltimore Teachers Union Contract.

If this happens, charter school teachers and staff could lose those hard-earned benefits, including equitable pay, due process rights, pension benefits, and health care. In short, they could become at-will employees.

But we can stop this bad law change in its tracks if we speak up.

Join the AFT-Maryland and the Baltimore Teachers Union on Lobby Night, February 9th. Buses will leave the BTU headquarters (5800 Metro Drive) at 5:30pm, and will take us to Annapolis so that we can speak with our legislators about how important it is for us, for our schools, and for our students, to all be part of one public school system.

If you are interested in attending the Lobby Night, please contact Todd Reynolds at, or 410-764-3030.

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