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BCFPE in Annapolis

BCFPE President, John Ripley, was in Annapolis lobbying for members of the Baltimore County Federation of Public Employees. He testified to different Senate and House committees and held conversations with state leaders all for the benefit of county public employees. His goals during the meetings and conversations were to make sure the needs of municipal employees were not only heard but also considered at the state level.

BCFPE represents a diverse array of public workers employed by Baltimore County. Many of the decisions governing their work status and situation are made at the county level but President Ripley reiterated that a strong relationship with state leaders will lead to great benefits for all public employees including those working at the municipal level.

In addition to testifying, President Ripley engaged the leadership of both chambers to remind them of the vitality of funding for counties across the state. That funding will be vital to the county budget which is the lifeline for BCFPE members.


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