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BTU Members testify against Guns in Classrooms

Following the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, communities and legislatures across the country are trying to develop ways to ensure student and teacher safety in the school building. One suggestion brought forth in the Maryland House of Delegates was a bill allowing teachers and educational staff to be armed. There were a number of supporters for the bill, but few more compelling than hearing from teachers and students themselves.

Following testimony from Montgomery County Public Schools students, teachers from Baltimore City Public Schools gave their testimony. Baltimore Teachers Union member Krishnia Rainey-Boateng said “inviting guns in classrooms creates potential violence in a city plagued with violence.” She went on to say “arming teachers rewrites the role of teachers.”

BTU member Jennifer Green who also testified said “I would fear a child might think it was a toy and a gun was something they can play with and they may use it accidentally against themselves or another student.” Each of the teachers’ compelling testimony resonated with legislators as well as those in the gallery. After their testimony, some in the gallery commended the teachers on their eloquent testimony.


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