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Due Process Rights for Maryland School for the Deaf employees

Due process is an essential right for every employee, however employees at the Maryland School for the Deaf currently don’t have that right. The AFT-Maryland was hard at work ensuring that wouldn’t be the case for long. AFT-MD took to the halls of power in Maryland to make the case for due process rights for all state employees including those at Maryland School for the Deaf.

Field organizer Frank Pratka works closely with Maryland School for the Deaf Faculty Staff Association Local 4828 union president Mark Denton, and testified in Annapolis in support of a bill that would give rights to the teachers at the school. The bill got a hearing in both the House of Delegates as well as the Senate. Delegate Ken Kerr is sponsoring the bill on the House side, while longtime supporter and advocate for Maryland School for the Deaf, state Senator Ron Young is sponsoring the bill on the Senate side.

President Denton testified for his members during the Senate hearing. In his testimony, he explained first hand the challenges around job security that these state employees face. The legislature has taken steps to protect workers in the last session, and so far has a number of pro-labor bills to consider, so it stands to reason protection of teachers at the Maryland School for the Deaf should be a top priority. The citizens who serve the state of Maryland and its residents all deserve fair treatment and job protection. AFT-Maryland is ensuring that that is also true for MSD employees.


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