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Happy Holidays from AFT-Maryland

The chill in the air and the year coming to a close tells us that the winter holiday season is upon us. Many of the holidays that we celebrate during the winter season are religious. If you are a person of faith celebrating a particular spiritual holiday, use this time to reflect on the principles of the holiday more than anything else. Overwhelmingly, each of the holidays celebrated at this time of year call on us to reflect upon ourselves and families, our communities, and to commit ourselves to kindness and decency to one another.

As in years past, AFT-Maryland partnered with our labor family at the Metro Baltimore AFL-CIO to package and distribute food to labor families in need. Thank you for the generosity of so many of you who donated money, can goods, and/or your time to help out our labor siblings. These challenging times demand we support one another with unwavering solidarity. The rising costs of food, clothing, heat, and shelter affect all of us in the labor movement. Our best humanity goes beyond advocating for better pay and working conditions, but extends a hand to those in need during trying times. 

The winter holiday season also provides a moment to reflect. The year has been trying for unique reasons.Although  many of us   have been back in-person at our worksites for some time, this year was an opportunity for the larger community to fully engage with in-person activities since early in 2020. Undoubtedly, there were some challenges but this was an opportunity for us to remember what the old form of communal solidarity felt like. Through these experiences, we can take the lessons learned into 2023 with a better understanding of how to be safe and be in community with one another.

Many of us will gather with family and in the name of old traditions, will share presents and enjoy delicious food as we fellowship. I wish happiness, health, and safety to you and your loved ones. I hope the time to rest, relax, and recharge energizes you for the battles of 2023. Our mission next year will be the same as the last: ensuring public educators have the tools and resources they need to give every child a world class education, fighting so our public employees have a safe and healthy workplace, and advocating for our health care professionals to continue to deliver safe and high quality service to the community they know and love.

Ultimately, we want every AFT-Maryland member to have democracy in the workplace. Those battles will come; for now, we enjoy the sacred and quiet of the winter holiday season and toast to a new year.  

Kenya Campbell
President, AFT-Maryland


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