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Happy Independence Day!

Photo by Andy Calhoun on Unsplash

Happy Independence Day!

The best part of this holiday is the date we celebrate. This is because every great action is preceded by a declaration. In order for our country to be able to stand as an independent nation, the revolutionary war had to be fought; but before that came our declaration of independence. In each of our lives, before we undertake meaningful action, we first must declare our intention, then follow that declaration with action. 

We would be wise to learn from the founders of the United States that no great deed can be done unless it is first declared. That declaration is our guiding principle as we follow through on our actions. For the founders of this country, the declaration included asserting that “all men are created equal” and it is our belief in the labor movement that all workers are equal and deserve dignity and respect. Each day, we work to expand that simple phrase, “all men are created equal” so that we ensure the equality of every person in our country regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sexual identity and/or orientation, or any other identity a person exists as. To be true to the values of those 56 men who signed their names to this document means we work daily to ensure equality and justice for everyone upon our shores. 

It is in that vein, that we celebrate this holiday. Hopefully you have the chance to enjoy the holiday only as a Marylander can: cookouts, hotdogs, family and friends, and of course, Maryland blue crabs. However you celebrate, remember that whatever your next great accomplishment will be in life, it first starts with a declaration of your intentions. From there, anything is possible.

Kenya Campbell, President



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