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Happy Labor Day 2022

Just as Memorial Day is an informal kick-off to summer, Labor Day signals its conclusion. This isn’t all bad news. We welcome the cooler temperatures, delicious fall foods, and the colorful way nature reminds us of the changing season. For workers, this day is among the most sacred in our country. It is the only federal holiday on the calendar set aside to acknowledge labor.

Kenya Campbell
President, AFT-Maryland

Today, the labor movement is under a vicious attack. The Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 decision sought to undermine the public employee labor movement while our siblings in the private sector labor movement are constantly fighting against wage theft, non-payment, and insufficient wages for an honest day’s work. Our strength is in our solidarity. Workers across the country are under attack, but there is hope. We are fighting back.

Every sector of American industry is looking for ways to strengthen workers’ power and are finding unions are the best way to do that. From the growing movement to unionize Starbucks and Amazon workers, to the historic merger of higher education professionals in the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the AFT, workers are recognizing their strength.  

With so much work to do, it is helpful to be reminded of the power of effective collective action. That’s why this Labor Day, I hope that you take your well-earned rest, but also be prepared to continue the fight for workers’ rights, fair wages and benefits, safe and healthy working conditions, and democracy in the workplace. The first leg of that fight for us will be at the polls in November. It is where our state federation will have a say in choosing our next executive, and for many of our members in Maryland state service, our next boss. 

Enjoy your Labor Day and gear up for the road ahead. There will be challenges along the way, but when workers unite, we win. 

In Solidarity,
Kenya Campbell
President, AFT-Maryland


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