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Indigenous People's Day

Approaching the midterms elections, it may feel like our country is more divided than it has ever been. However, as union members working side-by-side with people from diverse backgrounds, we know that acknowledging and celebrating our differences doesn’t denigrate any of us. As a union of professionals, we also know how important accurate history is to the growth and development of a well functioning democracy and society. 

That is why AFT-Maryland is taking a moment to acknowledge Indigenous People’s Day. We acknowledge that the land we call Maryland today, is the historical territory of many nations including the Piscataway, Assateaque, Shawnee, Choptank, Accohannock, Delaware, Matapeake, Nanticoke, Pocomoke, and others, while acknowledging that land today is still home to many Indigenous people.

Kenya Campbell, President, AFT-Maryland​​​

It is important to celebrate this day to ensure the amazing contributions made by the Native people and nations of this land aren’t forgotten. The country owes a great debt to the Indigenous people of this land. Our society is made stronger when we recognize and value the unique contributions each group of people make. 

Today, many people from Indigenous backgrounds have been integrated into the rich tapestry of our state and make our communities more vibrant because of their presence. We work on the job, engage in our communities, and socialize in our places of recreation with Indigenous people. Each moment spent engaging the humanity of others strengthens our own humanity. We celebrate the Indigenous people we live and commune with daily, and we remember those who suffered when our nation didn’t live up to its own ideals.  


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